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Your first source to technical solutions of cell phones and computers! near your neighbor at your Cell Phone & Computer” Repair. We provide technical support and all kind of repairs for electronic devices and services including UPS access point. For a complete list of services available, please visit The Services page. You do not need any kind of appointment; we deal with VARIETY OF SERVICES IN ONE PLACE.

Your Cell Phone and Computer Repair Center.

We provide solution to any sort of interior and exterior damages to your electronic device. Our support team can work best to offer technical solutions to all kind of computers, phones, tablet or any other electronic device. Software assistance including program installations, data recovery and virus removals are all available. Whether it’s hardware or software issue, visit us soon and get it all fix!!!

We offer you quick and reliable diagnosis with less turnaround time. If we can’t fix it, we will not charge ….

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iPhone 4 , iPhone 5 , iPhone 6 , iPhone 7 , iPhone 8 and iPhone X Screen Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S3 , S4 , S5 ,S6 , S7 , S8 ,S9 Screen Replacement

Samsung Note 1 LCD Replacement

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen Replacement

Samsung Ace 2X Screen Replacement

Blackberry Q5 LCD Replacement

Blackberry Q10 LCD Replacement

Blackberry Z10 LCD Replacement

Blackberry Z30 LCD Replacement

LG Optimus 2X P990/P999 Screen Replacement

LG Optimus G E791/E793 Screen Replacement

LG L7 P700/P705 Screen Replacement

LG Nexus 4 LCD Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S4 Charging Port

Samsung Nexus 4 Charging Port

Windows Installation

Virus Removal